Conservatives say 'Education A Priority'


The Conservative group has made education a priority:

  • Putting a motion to Council calling for a Yorkshire wide approach to improving educational attainment that draws on the success of the London Challenge. Labour opposed this in favour of a “Bradford Only” solution repeating the failures of the past.

  • Arguing that the schools forum should make better use of education reserves in supporting the conversion of schools to academies. Labour’s education leadership has falsely claimed this process would “bankrupt” the Council something exposed by Conservative education lead, Cllr Debbie Davies:


“It is wrong to say this is an unfinanced government policy when £140million pounds has been  ring-fenced specifically for this purpose.  Also, some Conservative local authorities have decided to pass on legal costs to schools that become academies.

Given that most schools in the Bradford district have surpluses totalling just under £20 million pounds perhaps that is an option you should consider?  Surely it is better to try and find a solution to a problem rather than just complaining about things?”