Cllr Malcolm Sykes says 'Contact Me'

Councillor Malcolm Sykes delivered 5,000 leaflets to residents of the Thornton and Allerton Ward before Christmas to update them on issues of concern in the area.  One of the main issues which residents contact Malcolm about is Planning and the Local Development Plan.   Malcolm has said, 'It is clear that unless local people stand together against what is unsustainable development then I fear it will happen and a significant amount of green fields around our whole Ward will be lost forever'.

A well-known Councillor for the Ward, Malcolm is making  sure that residents have his contact details by delivering handy-sized calendars with his address, telephone and e-mail on the reverse. 

Cllr Malcolm Sykes holds regular surgeries throughout the year at Sandy Lane Baptist Church; St. James Church, Thornton; Thornton Community Centre and Cafe West, Allerton