Local News

Evening at Rocca Restaurant

Thornton, Allerton and Clayton Branches held a very successful, and enjoyable, event at Rocca Restaurant on Wednesday evening.

The event was well supported and it was especially good to see one or two new faces. 

Time and place of next event will be on website shortly.

ACT Event

ACT Branch (Thornton & Allerton, Clayton & Fairweather Green) held a very enjoyable evening at Zouks Restaurant, Bradford at the beginning of February. Many new members were welcomed and it was great to see how the Branch has progressed in the months since its formation. 


Queensbury Councillor Organises Meeting with Leo Group

Councillor Lisa Carmody has organised a meeting at the Victoria Hall in Queensbury for residents to meet with Directors of the Leo Group regarding transport and environmental issues in the village.

Devolution - Yorkshire, A Fantastic Brand

Opposing efforts from Labour leaders in West Yorkshire – including Bradford – to exclude large parts of Yorkshire from any devolution deal. Conservative leaders across West and North Yorkshire have lobbied hard to prevent a West Yorkshire only deal that would divide the county.

Regenerating Bradford

Cllr John Pennington, Group Deputy Leader, has long been a strong voice campaigning for regeneration in Bradford:

Working with Bradford Live to help bring forward the redevelopment of the former Odeon